Provide technical, facilities, equipment, design, build and modernize the farms professional advice with circular basins on the principle of communicating vessels (out flow) as well as in recirculating system (RAS).


We are pleased to present the new catalog 2012 fisheries (aquaculture) and hope to offer customers a broader view of how technical possibilities in the aquatic environment. This catalog was published in six languages , becoming the most comprehensive in the industry. Of course, fish products and equipment in this catalog represents only a fraction of what is used in fish farming and other projects in the industry throughout the world. We would be pleased to receive your comments and suggestions. We we understand ourselves not as mere suppliers, but rather as part of a network service companies that closely with her clients trying to be different from what was known before. Simply more different and better ....




Nicolae Mocsar - CEO


Pro TV - Ferma piscicola bazine circulare Rosia /Bihor . Aquatools e mandatar de promovare si folosinta al brevetului.